My Strangest Dream

Well, I had this dream yesterday while I dozed off reading Harry Potter book. As many of us do, I like JK Rowling’s Harry Potter, but they are turning out to be more grim with each passing year. I was reading the sixth one, which I do not like much for its plot, and dreamt about this subject while my husband Hari dreamt about SPRs (System Problem Reports) which he was seriously working on in the XLS sheets that night. I was also present in my dream and Voldemort was on a kiling spree, terrorizing that town and killing everyone who were against him. I was very afraid and was fleeing from him when I saw two saffron-robed saints walking along. They were very calm, peaceful and radiant. I went to them for protection and they heard about these kilings. While we were walking, Voldemort did cross the path but he was so horror-stricken at the sight of these saints that he could not dare to look towards them. He was covering his face with a garb and turning around from their sight.

Throughout our walking, the saints kept looking at him and were silently doing Nama-Japa, recitation of the name of Rama, and were very calm. When we came to a halt, then Voldemort raised his wand towards some people near us, and immediately the saints also had their wands out (Hari laughed loudly at this point – Saints and Wands ??), and with the silent uttering of the name of Rama, they directed that towards Voldemort, which produced brilliant, bllinding, radiant, white light – like some millions of suns were ablaze !! Voldemort fell down unable to face this intensity, and from out of the light, a train came which has maimed Voldemort by mutilating his hands, so he could no longer yield any evil on anyone.

Then, one of the saints turned towards me and said, “That is the power of Lord’s name. Nothing can stand infront of it. Don’t stop Nama Japa.” I was so influenced with these words, that I remember myself pronouncing “Rama Rama” in sleep. I then asked the saints (in my dream), as to why they did not kill Voldemort as he was murdering everyone. They said that they do not use the power that God has blessed them with to kill anyone. I was so impressed. And then, next I remembered, was clutching Hari tightly so I do not get any more dreams as I had to get up and go to office next day. Well, this ended my strange dream, but I felt very happy in the morning, because of the spiritual message it has carried to me. I had stopped doing Japa sometime back and it was time to remind me 🙂

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