Mystic Lotus Centers in Yoga System

Beta Cell Lotus

Lotus has a very spiritual significance in the Hindu religion. It is considered a very sacred flower, first among those fit to worship God. All the divine incarnations are represented to have lotus-like limbs. Patanjali, who is the master of a Philosophical system of Yoga says that the centers in our body represent lotus and the biggest lotus is found on the crown of the head – called the “Sahasrara Chakra” or the “Thousand-petalled Lotus”.When I was doing my modeling of the architecture of beta-cell network (beta-cells are insulin secreting cells in the pancreas), we came up with a new architecture of arranging them in the following pattern (see figure). This is called 3-D Hexagonal Closest Packing (3D HCP). The following picture also represents the unit cell of the entire structure of network. Our body might have millions and millions of such structures. You can see that the 3-dimensional arrangement of beta-cells have amazingly given a “2-Dimensional Lotus” shape. When I showed this to Hari, he said that the Yogis have looked into the very fundamental organization of the body through meditation and thus have found that its organization is actually a vast 3-D Lotus.

Jai Sriram,
Aparna Hari

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