Radiate Positive Energy into Our Cosmos !

Dear All,

Hari Om!

Yesterday I was listening to Bhagavad Gita discourse (Chapter-3) by Swami Tattvavidananda ji, and I was struck with one concept that he elaborated on “Yajna”.

The cosmic energy of the Lord is in us like the electric energy in the tubelight inside the house. This is called Vyashti, or Individual Consciousness or Individual Energy. The cosmic energy which is surrounding us is like the electric energy outside the house in form of various countless tubelights. This collective energy is called Samishti, or Cosmic Consciousness or Cosmic Energy.

It is very important to understand the relation between these two – Individual and Cosmic Energies, or Vyashti and Samishti. We, or any beings, are born out of one form of Samishti, called Food. Food, which is the collective energy of nature, earth, air, fire forms one representation of Samishti or the Cosmic Energy.

Through father, the Food gets transformed into the Ojas energy or semen energy, which when united with mother, produces offspring. So, we are born from the Samishti Energy. Our body and life are nurtured and sustained through this Samishti Energy.

The Universal Law which upholds the totality of creation is: “The Individual Energy or Vyashti is to be poured into Cosmic Energy or Samishti, and thereby Samishti inturn nurtures our Individual Energy.”

This pouring out of the Individual Energy with love and selflessness is called “Yajna”.

It is very very important to apply this Universal Principle in our daily life. As human beings, we are taking a lot from Cosmic Energy in the form of air, water, earth, food, and all positive energy that nurtures us physically and mentally. It becomes our utmost responsibility to inturn contribute selflessly our Vyashti Energy or Individual Energy to the Cosmic, so it can be more positive, and more strenghtened.

We need to radiate our Positive Vyashti Energy – Hope, Optimism, Cheerfulness, Selflessness, Fearlessness, Love, Tolerance, Forbearance, Humility and all other positive energies – which make Samishti Strong, and by which other beings also benefit.

Depression, Anxiety, Pessimism, Selfishness, Hatred, Anger, Jealousy, Contempt, Inferiority and Superiority Complexes, Greed, Lust and many other qualities are Negative Vyashti (Individual) Energies, which will harm the balance of Cosmic (Samishti) Energy. This upset in balance will finally effect us, as well as other beings, as we all derive the energy from Cosmic Energy.

Let us all try to implement this Universal Principle in our day-to-day life, each moment, applying consciously, that we need to radiate our Positive Individual Energy into our Cosmos, so we along with all other beings can be benefitted by it. Let us radiate our Strengths and Our Divine Virtues of Hope, Optimism and the like, and NOT our negative energies like depression, worry, obsession and anxiety.

Let us all sincerely try to make our life divine through heeding to this Universal Law !!

Yours, in Service of Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari

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