Aparna Hari

I have trodden this path since my childhood,
The path, which, then opened the gates to my “new” life;
Everything seemed so exciting to my mind,
And I was content with no trace of any strife;

The same road I would take daily,
The same people and things I come across;
Ne’er believed there would be “The Other” way,
To look at when Life is on its pass;

I had no questions to linger on,
Of the land that lay beyond the line of separation;
Similar to what existed between dusk and dawn,
Which is a fertile womb of imagination;

This went on, my walking across the path,
For hours, for days, and for years;
Ne’er I feared the unleashing of Obsolete’s wrath,
Believing that, everything in “new”, freezes;

But, Time has proven to be more powerful,
To change New to Old and Love to Disgust;
Time has come to urge me to look into my soul,
To comprehend within me the inner gulf;

I became passive initially,
Then I grew wary of the vegetated life;
That I had been living daily,
And a deep hatred for this “Old” began to rise;

Suddenly, I stirred as if woken up from sleep,
A deep slumber in the old and familiar heap;
I found that what lies between old and new,
Is nothing but your inner vision’s hue;

What is new today, will tomorrow grow old,
In the course of its existence on this plane of thought;
But it is these “Shades of Life” marked on this life’s Road
From where wisdom can be sought;

Now, I led myself across the “path always trodden”,
To perceive a new revelation in everything I encounter;
I find that the “old” is with “New” laden,
And these imprints of Truth, my experience bore;

Om Tat Sat !

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