Welcome to New Year 2008

Dear All,

Hari Om!
Jai Sri Ram !

In the name of our Light and Guide, Gurudev Sivananda ji Maharaj, we wish you a Very Happy, Spiritually and Materially Prosperous New Year 2008. Let the Lord guide us in all our actions, making us more kind, loving and tolerant, and spiritually dynamic.

We were away in India for a month and hence could not update the Saranaagathi Page.

We have a lot to tell you and show you – of our trip to Rishikesh and Tirupati in India.
Also, this year, we are going to complete some important projects we had started earlier – like Bhagavad Gita, Ramadasu Kirtanalu, Tulasidas ji’s Dohavali, Kavitavali and many other important devotional works.

Please visit this page and keep us in your thoughts !
Once again, Happy and Peaceful New Year.

Yours, In Service of Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari.

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