TEXT of Tyagaraja Kritis UPLOADED !!

Dear All,

Hari Om !

Tyagaraja is one of the greatest devotees of Lord Rama, who enthralled the Lord Himself with his wonderful Bhakti-filled Songs.

In the last year, I wanted to write down all the Kritis in Telugu using the Indic Scripts. But I could not owing to tight schedule. However, I have searched in the Open Source Archive Books Collection for Tyagaraja Kritis, and Lo behold ! By Rama’s grace, I have found valuable gems !!

There were two TIFF files (Huge sizes) ~ 30 MB. I converted them into low-resolution PDF files, making them into ~ 2 MB. There are two such books of Tyagaraja Kritis:

1. Tyagaraja Utsava Kirtanas
2. Tyagaraja Kritis Collection

These were kindly uploaded by some kind-hearted person in the Open Source Archive Books collection. I am fortunate to have encountered them.

The PDFs that I am uploading on this website will have less size, and downsized to less number of pages, so users can easily take print out of them and peruse at their convenience.

Please download them here or follow the DOWNLOADS section:

Tyagaraja Kritis Volume 1

Tyagaraja Kritis Volume 2

Yours, In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna Hari.

18 thoughts on “TEXT of Tyagaraja Kritis UPLOADED !!”

  1. || ram krishna hari ||


    Do you have the same thing in English or sanskrit….unfortunately i cannot understand telugu..

    kindly reply via mail…


  2. Dear Aparna, I just want to reiterate what Rishikesh has said. Can you guide us to a place where we can download the saint’s kriti-s in Roman or Devanagari script?


  3. Very Nice Kritis that too in telugu. So thanks….
    I also request the moderators to have the play ‘NAUKA CHARITRAM’ to be kept in this site.

  4. hellow sir.
    u ve done gr8 job..but if it is english..tat ll be more useful..as i cud nt understan in telugu..if possible send me d lyrics of sheera sagara sayana to d above mail…it ll be very since i’m a classical singer

  5. Hare krishna
    thank u very much. since long time i am searching these kritis with swaras. now i got thank u

  6. Hello Shailendra, can you please post the english version once again, as the above link appears to be no longer valid. Thanks in advance.

    Aparna thank you for the telugu version;

  7. Can someone please point me to the FULL TIFF files on archive.org mentioned in the blog? I was searching for SAdinchene Oo Manasa with swaras and couldnt find it in the two books. 😦

  8. Sir/medam


    I am sain. You did good and very useful thing for people who like n love classical. I am feeling so happy. Thank you very much. God bless you. ..


  9. thank you very much sir, can you also please provide a link for downloadable mp3 files of thyagayya kritis, Namaskaram

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