Rama Koti Booklet UPLOADED !!

Dear All,

Hari Om !
Jai Sri Ram !

With inspiration from Lord Rama, we have made a bookler for writing Rama Koti. Writing the name of “Rama” and continuously engaging in Rama Nama Smaran is the easiest path to Happiness, Peace and Bliss.

This Rama Koti booklet that we are uploading here on our website can be a very good companion even in office. During Lunch break and other times, we can easily write the Divine Name and that’s why we created this so it can be a helping tool for many spiritual seekers.

You need to have a Double-Sided Printer for printing this booklet

1. Download Rama Koti Booklet

2. Go to File –> Print –> (Select the Printer which can print both sides) —> Properties –> Check the Box for “Flip Pages Up”

3. Since this is already in the booklet form, you need not select any booklet printing (Make sure that Booklet Printing is “Off” in the Printer options).

4. After the Rama Koti Booklet is printed, you can fold the entire printout into half, and in the middle, you can staple it with normal staple gun.

5. Your RAMA KOTI booklet is now ready for Likhita Japa.

We hope we write and remember His Name for our liberation.

Yours, In Service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari

33 thoughts on “Rama Koti Booklet UPLOADED !!”

  1. hello,

    nice web-bloge……and subjsct,……..really.

    visit at :sanjayoscar.worldpress.com

    -Sanjay Nimavat

  2. i found a printing option for rama koti in your website. how many pages does it take to print it and after writing the ramakoti should i keep the book or give it to a temple.

  3. Hello Sir

    I have downloaded and printed the Ramakoti Book. Thanks a lot for the book. I have a question though…The book has 450 entried per page..multiplied by 64 pages gives us 28800… Why is it then called Ramakoti? Is there any math behind this?

    1. Hi,
      yes, it is true what you said the number 28800 .
      it is not enough though means when you want to write Ramakoti you need to write” koti times Rama” means one crore. That is where you end it. So divide one crore by 28800 . —— 10000000 / 28800. The math behind this is , almost it takes 30 years to write one crore even if you write for 1000 ” Rama” per day.

      1. Aim of writing 1 crore times the name of Rama is almost an occupation of life. The Rama koti books, by goading the mind towards the number, engage us in contemplating about the Divine. I have heard Spiritual Teachers emphasize that “it is not the quantity but the quality of spiritual practice that is most crucial and important “

      2. Hi Hari, writing 28800 namas is not equal to writing 1 crore namas, but you should take as many prints as possible to the the sum of all those will be equal to 1 crore.

  4. hi, I have lots of completed ram koti books. I am living in texas , pls let me know where to send them. thank you

    1. Dear Reddy garu,

      You can place them in your puja room and worship the books same like the deity. It is said that Name of Rama is powerful than Rama himself ! If you are still determined to submit them somewhere, you can take them to Ayodhya, Bhadrachalam, Rishikesh, Rama Nama Kshetram in Guntur or such holy places.

  5. I think most of the people submit their completed rama koti books at Ayodhya .. I heard that in Ayodhya there was a special book bank for this… You can also submit them in Bhadrachalam Temple

  6. if we want to write really ramkoti 1 crore time means we have take print of these booklet 35 times then it will be 1008000
    with the blessing of god we will start it will definitely complete

    Jai Sri Ram

    Channakeshava G

  7. Hi i have started writing “Sri Ramakoti”,
    its really a good feel, dont be scared of that it will take long time to complete it…

    Only the thing is v have to start it, later Lord Sri Rama will make to finish it in a good way…

    Just have a trust on god

  8. Namasthe, Recently my wife started writing Rama koti being pregnant, week b4 i lost my grandfather, all rituals incuding 12 days pgm completed, but our family brahmin said total one year we should not do any pooja,visiting temple etc, i agree for that, at this situation shall i continue writing or wait for next year, please guide me. Iam expecting ur early attention. Thankyou

    1. Namaste ShivaShankar ki,

      Please continue writing Rama Koti. Rama Nama can be taken any time of the day and is not dependent on other rituals. Many saints and sages of yore are testimony for this – example Chaitanya Mahaprabhu, Samartha Ramdas, Tumaram, Namabodhendra and many many others. Even a a Christian Saint mentioned in the book “The Pilgrim” used to always utter his mantra on Christ under all times of the day.

      There is absolutely no need to stop writing Rama Koti. Rama Nama itself is purifier. Please continue doing it.

      With regards
      Aparna & Hari

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