5 thoughts on “Maha Sivaratri Wishes”

  1. dear peopleji
    happy shivaratri to all the people in the world. May shiva/rudra teach as all his loving white face made of ashes and pure light emanating from love.
    may he always abide in our hearts
    may he always appear to us as not different from devi, as not different from vishnu
    let as all drink the amrita dropping from the bhava of shivaratri
    Om shiva

  2. dear Aparna:
    do u remember me?I was your roomate in Sivanada Ashram.
    How are u?
    I always miss u and thank u for ur kindness to me.
    The relationship between James and I has been improving a lot. I have changed and become more independent since I came back Taiwan from India.
    Wish you a healthy body and a peaceful mind.



  3. Dear Aparna and Hari,
    It has been some time since I visited your site, and coming here today was delighted to read the topics pertaining to Shivaratri. I was delighted all the more because I had a wonderful Shivaratri celebration and am still reeling from its effects. I think Shivaratri is a great opportunity for all meditators and my appreciation of the spiritual effects of Shivaratri grows with each passing year.
    Best wishes.
    Trivandrum, India.

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