Aparna Hari

I headed towards the (no) man’s land
To celebrate their spring revelry so grand;
Heart filled with hope for the awaited tryst
Dreaming about my share of festival feast.

But, what lay before me is a barren land!!
Without a drop, without a sprout;
Everything around is gloomy and sad,
Deprived of life, dull, rotten and foul.

“Do ye men have no rain and grain?”
I ask the mother earth;
“They have no heart, except a brain,”
Said she in a heavy breath, “that has of wisdom dearth.”

“The Autumn is everlasting here.
With men never shedding their differences;
Considering each to be other’s superior,
Don’t leave behind their prejudices.”

“The woods are cut to meet their ends
My heart is pierced for their listless needs;
Can’t you see that impregnable fence,
By the side of which, are planted “hatred” seeds? “

“How can the seed sprout in my womb,
When the soil is drenched with blood?
Of my those children lying in the tomb
Victims of the narrow divide.”

“No tear drop of compassion from their eyes
To quench the thirst of my hapless plight;
All they have to do is to pollute
Their minds and the hearts too.”

“How long in this “darkness”, can I wait,
To feel the Spring so bright?
That accompanies a fresh, pure feeling
And does these men’s heart-cleansing? “

“That erases the line of divide
Thrashing the barriers so wide;
That makes a new mould of “ You”
That paves a new road to “Truth”.

“O Men!! Can you see the mist in her eyes?”
That longs for shedding your guise?
When do you end this brutal savage?
And try to become a peaceful sage?”

“Welcome Spring, the source of life
Waving goodbye to the inner strife;
Implant seeds of love in your mind mansion
That blossoms into a divine benison.”

“And when the Spring dawns
Feel her miraculous touch
Dust the rust of mind’s every ounce,
Uniting the Temple, Mosque and Church.”

 Om Tat Sat !


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