Koi Bole Ram Ram

Dear Friends,

Hari Om.

There is a wonderful Kirtan I came across, which is one of the spiritual gems of Sant Guru Nanak ji, which portrays the essence of all religions and all ways of spiritual living. The name of the song is “Koi Bole Ram Ram, Koi Khudaayi..”. The meaning of this Kirtan is:

Some call the Lord ‘Ram, Ram’, and some ‘Khuda’.
Some serve Him as ‘Gusain’ (Jesus), others as ‘Allah’.
He is the Cause of causes, and Generous.
He showers His Grace and Mercy upon us.

Some pilgrims bathe at sacred shrines, others go on Hajj to Mecca.
Some do devotional worship, whilst others bow their heads in prayer.
Some read the Vedas, and some the Koran.
Some wear blue robes, and some wear white.

Some call themselves Muslim, and some call themselves Hindu.
Some yearn for paradise, and others long for heaven.
Says Nanak, one who realizes the Hukam of God’s Will,
knows the secrets of his Lord Master.”

I got the above lyrical meanings from http://forum.spiritualindia.org

Here is the song rendered by Sri Jasvinder Singh ji Koi Bole Ram Rama

Enjoy the song.

Best wishes,
Yours in Service of the Lord,
Aparna & Hari.

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