Let’s be Earth-Admiring and Life-friendly

Dear All,


Man with his increasing demands and insatiable desires has exploited Earth and her rich resources to a large extent. Extreme deforestation, heedless mining/drilling, extravagance in using the resources like water and earth are some of the few examples.

It is high time that we are aware of the consequences of our actions and desires and act responsibly to save Mother Earth and her varied rich resources to maintain harmony and symbiotic relationship with nature. The ecosystem does not have boundaries of nation and species. It is a “Whole” and whatever we do in our little sphere of the world, we wield a bigger impact on the universal ecosystem

I have watched a movie/documentary on youtube called “HOME”.. which points out this fact that we need to be responsible consumers in this highly consumerism-oriented world. “Possess what you need and do not indulge in extremes” seems to be what Nature is teaching us. Through our respect for life and the variety of life, we live responsibly and let the Nature exist in harmony.

Please click on the image to watch this video at your leisure. I am sure you will get an insight that stays with you for long.

In service of the Lord and Gurudev,
Best wishes,
Aparna & Hari

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