Horton Hears a Who !!

Hello All !

Hari Om.

You must be wondering what this post is about ! For those who are familiar with Dr Seuss – The Author of children books, you know that this is one of his stories/creations. Mainly kids are the entertained audience, but there is wisdom catered to adults also 🙂

Well, when Swami Prakashananda, Head of Chinmaya Mission, Trinidad & Tobago visited Milwaukee last year, we were chatting with him at our home and he mentioned about this movie called “Dr Horton Hears a Who !” and recommended us to watch it.

The crucial theme of this story is “Relativity of Space”, as you can understand after you watch it. The relativity of space and time have been repeatedly brought out and emphasized in the extraordinary treatise “Yoga Vasishtha” which is the dialogue between Sage Vasishtha and his student, the Prince Rama.

There is a particular story in Yoga Vasishtha, which I remember – “The Story of Lila“. In that the whole world and life of the Queen Lila, with all its splendor, occurs in a small corner of the mind of a holy man in a corner of a tiny hut in a corner of the mind of the creator in a corner of the existence !! It is a fascinating and mind-boggling exposition by Sage Vasishtha about the relativity of time and space, and of human existence.

There is another children’s story/movie series called “Chronicles of Narnia” highlighting the Relativity of Time .
According to Vedanta, Time and Space are evolutes (products) and appear because of the Self or Atman which is consciousness.

I really enjoyed watching this movie and I am sure you will too ! Click below to watch it ! Enjoy !

In Service of the Lord & Gurudev,
Aparna & Hari

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