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Sundarakanda of Sri MS Rama Rao


As some of you know, Sri MS Rama Rao has written Sundarakanda of Valmiki Ramayana in Telugu and has sung it with utmost devotion. I have an immense respect for Sri MS Rama Rao as he is an ardent┬ádevotee of Lord Rama and Hanuman. I have, by HIS grace, by-hearted the Sundarakanda and┬áhave written it down in telugu so anyone could learn it. I made a PDF file and placed it in the “DOWNLOADS” section. Also the two parts of telugu Sundarakanda are uploaded in the “DOWNLOADS” category in .mp3 format.

I have searched for more information on Sri MS Rama Rao on the internet. He is also from Rajuhmundry (which gives me an occasion to rejoice!). I hope I get a chance to meet any of his descendents, who are very blessed. I will try to find more information on this divine personality and post it on this site.


The Lyrics of Sundarakanda and Hanuman Chalisa are no longer available for Download. Please contact MS Rama Rao Memorial trust for the same.

-Jai Ram ji ki.

Om Tat Sat!