Click on “Click Here” button present on the below image. (If you don’t find it, scroll down until you find “Click Here” button). This takes you to “Issuu” where you can read and download the publications.

125 thoughts on “Downloads”

    1. Hello Can Someone please give me bhagwan meri naiya sung by Swami Tejomayananda? I heard this song many years ago in one of his discourses and have been trying to find it on the internet for many years now. Appreciate anyone who can help me out with this. Thanks in advance!

      1. Hello !
        U will get that song in O’Rasiya CD or cassette from Chinmaya Mission, but its not in swamiji’s Voice.

      2. jsr
        Hi Aishwarya!
        I am have EXACTLY what you are looking for! In fact, I have listen to Swami Tejomayanandaji’s Talks & Bhajans for many years. Specifically, I also liked “Bhagawan Meri naiyya..oos paar laga dena…” very much & I have mp3 of this bhajan in His voice & many others as well. Do let me know if you need it (or any others as well). i will gladly email it to you.

    2. Dear Madam/Sir,

      I am intrested in lyrics of Sri MS Rama Rao – Sundarakanda, kindly send me the link so that i can download the file and read it daily…..

  1. Dear Venkatesh,

    By Sundarakandam in Tamil, do you mean Sri Valmiki’s 68 sargas of Sanskrit Sundarakanda in Tamil Script or Kamba Tamil text ? Please clarify.

    Aparna Hari

    1. Aparna Hari-
      Please email the MS RAMA RAO SUNDARAKANDAM TELUGU lyrics to my email address

  2. Dear Muralidhar,

    I think you can hear them online at Also, there is a jukebox called I am not sure if you can download them.

    Aparna Hari

  3. This is a wonderful site towards propagating the worlds best religion. That of love and devotion.
    Can i download sundarakanda of Sri. M. S. Rama rao. I am not able to find it in your site.

  4. Dear N.N Muralidhar,

    I am afraid I cannot post any copyrighted material on this website. Currently we are working on the text of Bhagavadgita. I cannot post Audio files of Ghanatasala. Sorry !

    Aparna Hari

    1. Could not find the link to download Text for MS Rama Rao sundarakanda on the website even after spending more than 30 minutest. Link is removed even in downloads section. April 2007 archives also don’t have any link. Can you please send me the direct link?

  5. sir , i am unable to download the literature of telugu sundarakanda, can u please tell me the process. which version of telugu acrobat reader i should install.

  6. Thank You Aparna Hari for the Lyrics of Telugu Hanuman
    Chalisa and Sundarakanda . I feel that Sundarakanda text
    is not completely given .

    Could you confirm that it is the complete text …

  7. Dear Sir/Ma’am:

    Can you please send me the verses of Valmiki Ramayana (sanskrit) in Tamil. I would appreciate this a lot.

    Thank you for your great service.

  8. Dear Priya ji,

    Thank you for your comment. I can try to send you Samkshipta ramayanam in tamil, as this is what I have. Yesterday I kind of converted the samkshipta ramayanam into tamil, and it seemed okay (I do not know Tamil, and I can’t read tamil). I will sit with one friend here, go through it, correct the mistakes if any, and will soon send it you to you.

    Aparna hari

  9. Dear All,

    Can I get Sundara kandam script in tamil from our website or any other website?. I would like to read instead of listening to the audio.


    1. Hello Mr. Mohan, I too want to have a copy of the text (all Sargas) of Sundara Kandam in Tamil.

      Did you manage to get it? If so, could you please email me the same. I would greatly appreciate you sharing it, if you have it.



  10. Dear Mohan ji,

    Currently I do not have Sundarakanda of Valmiki in Tamil. Sorry, please see if it is available on other websites. Since Valmiki Sundarakanda is big (68 Sargas), we did not yet undertake this project.


  11. Seshu garu,

    I have already replied to you. But for others who read this thread, I think the Sundarakanda is complete, and it reflects the Sundarakanda as sung by Sri MS Rama Rao garu in his audio CDs. It might be that his original script is very extensive, and that he might have abridged in his singing. this is only a possibility and I don’t know about that.

    thanks and regards,
    Aparna Hari

  12. Thankyou very much for the hanuman chalisa by Ms rama rao , btw i could not download the mp3 of the same could you please give the link
    There are some good recitations

  13. Namaskaramu Aparna Hari garu,
    I felt very happy after going through the website. Thank you. I will mail or leave a note again later. I do have a couple of things to share, to ask, to get clarified and many more….
    warm regards

  14. Sir,

    I shall be highly obliged if you will kindly mail Tyagaraja, Annamayya and Bhadrachalara Ramdas kirtans.

    Thanks and regards

    Rokkam Kumar Rao

  15. hai mam/sir,

    it is very nice to see this website. first i would like to thank your team and the person who got this idea of creating website. any way i need siva,venkatesha sthothrams. i am having hanuman chalisa by m.s.ramarao so please give me the path to down load the sthothras written by m.s. ramarao itself ok thank u mam/sir

  16. Dear Aparna,
    It was excellent going through your site. The similie to the 1000 petalled Lotus and the Insulin cells was an eye opener. You have made me very proud of my heritage.
    Thank you. You are doing yeoman work in spreading the greatness of our culture. Good luck !!!


  17. Sir,

    I am very much delited with SARANAAGATHI. What a collection. I shall be very much delighted to have Tygaraja Kirthis sung by renowned vocalists in any form. Kindly mail me with Vaggeyakara’s shower of music on Rama Bhakthi.

    Thanks and regards

    MNC Mouli

  18. I have some tyagaraja krithis MP3/RM formats sung by Maharajapuram Snathanam, MS Subbulakshmi, Chembai Vaidyanadha Bhagavathar, OS Tygarajan. Also some Padyams in Pouranika Natakams like, Satya Harishandra, Pandavodyogam. Friends requiring these things may mail me @

    With regards

  19. thanks 4 giving me da information bout kundalini yoga plz snd me the books of kundalini yoga written by shivanand swamy ji………………..iam native of hyderabad. and i wanna know da adress wher i will get these books, plz snd da details 2 my e-mail.

  20. Dear Aparna-ji,
    Although I downloaded the text of Tulsidas’s Sundarakand, I would like the Sanskrit text of Valmiki’s Sundara Kanda and the accompanying audio of both the Tulsidas and Valmiki’s Sundara Kand. Please help and advise by email.

    Your site is very good and helpful as I had such a lot of difficulty in obtaining the Devanagri script for Sundara Kand which I did from your site.

  21. Pujya Guruvu garu,

    I am bowing infront of you, for all the efforts to make a devotion is ultimate for human kind.and igniting the our minds. i a very lucky to find your site.
    i got Ms rama rao, chalisa telugu version through only.

  22. you have done a very good job. sir whare can i get Ms.Ramaro sundharakanda famous devotional audio.

    please e mail me,i am unable to find in net.


  23. Can any one provide mp3 audio file of Shri M.S.Rama Rao gari Shri Hanuman Chalisa files to my mail.

    Thanks & Regards
    Sarma BH

  24. Can any one provide mp3 audio file of Shri M.S.Rama Rao gari sundarakanda to my mail.

    Thanks & Regards
    venkateswara rao

  25. Can any one provide mp3 audio file of Shri M.S.Rama Rao gari Sundarakana files to my mail.

    Thanks & Regards

  26. Kindly edit and correct ‘Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa Prayer’ as in the second prayer there is a serious mistake :
    In place of ‘Ritam’ it has come ‘ chutam’ which is seriously wrong.

    Hope you will correct it immediately and upload it again.

    Thank you very much in anticipation.

  27. Hello. Address your site “” was found in a public list of resources that would like to receive advertisements. If you do not want us to place on your site ads, please go to – – where you can easily remove your site from the list.
    (Link is not “active”. If this is not the appropriate branch for this post, you can remove it.)

  28. Amazing stuff on religious needs…
    pls keep the site available and let us know if we can cronttibute in any manner…


  29. aparna,
    hari om!
    i came here looking for swami sivananda ashtottara shatanamavali…but can’t seem to find it. can you give me the link pls?
    hari om,

  30. hi aparna,
    can i get lyrics of tulsidas bhajans and meera bhajans.i feel happy if u help me in this search.i’ll be waiting for ur response.

  31. Sir/madam,
    Aparna hari, please forward me with the text of Sundara kanda of shri M.S.Ramarao garu because i am not able to download it from the website.
    thanking you.
    with regards

    1. Sir/madam,
      Aparna hari, please forward me with the text of Sundara kanda of shri M.S.Ramarao garu because i am not able to download it from the website.
      thanking you.
      with regards
      Mahesh T

  32. My dear, i just lost my self by seeing this site because i am one of the member of our DIVINE LIFE SOCIETY and i took UPADESAM from PUJYA GURU SRI SWAMY HAMSANANDA.

  33. I can not view the M S Ramarao’s Sundarakanda document in Pdf. It says “There was a error occured in opening the document: The file is dagamed and it cannot be repaired. Can some help me in fixing this.

    thanks in advance

  34. Pl provide the meaning of sankshiptha Ramayan by each word. bcoz some of the words are little bit hard to read.

    Great help…

  35. Guruvu gariki namaskarinchi,
    Pl provide meaning of sankshiptha Ramayan, i am very interested in byhard whole Ramayan.
    it is little bit to read, bcoz words tough, could u pl split and explain the meaning, so that it is easy to remember.

    pl help, i want to learn whole ‘sankshiptha Ramayan ‘

  36. Srirama…

    Hi, any updates about my prev question of provide the meaning for ‘sankshiptha Ramayan’
    pl update with e-mail

    Thanks alot

  37. I tried to download the Sundara kandam by M.S. RamaRao but unable to do it , as a mesage is displayed that it is not available now.. Can any one tell me how to download.or send my by mail?


  38. i am searching for lord narshing sahastranam
    which is famous in south india i am from dehradun
    i have tried to search this cd but someone told me that
    it is played and can be brought from south india
    so please be knid enough to send me any arti or music on lord narshing

  39. A very useful site catering to the different needs of devotees who have faith in different ISHTA devathas.

  40. My dear Aparna,
    This is Subbu Pedananna, now in Sunnyvale, CA.
    I am amazed by the range, depth and quality of the various works on Sanatana dharma you are making available to the browsers through this website. And all this sitting in a land far away from the cradle of this sanatana dharma. You are making all of us proud by your efforts spreading the message of Lord Krishna, the Upanishads etc. I hope that your work will benefit several seekers of truth.
    Do you have an issue of “Divine Ambrosia” subsequent to the October 2008 issue?
    At the end, let me make a small comment.
    In the photo of Lord Siva (Rudram), the yajnopaveetham is in ‘apasavya’ fashion (i.e., on the right shoulder). It should be in the ‘savya’ fashion, i.e., resting on the left shoulder. The photo needs replacement with a correct one.
    With best wishes and blessings from the omnipotent,
    Nittala Subrahmanya Sarma

  41. I am desperately looking for sundarakanda in telugu script, and could not find the link to download,please help me.

    Thanks in advance with anticipation.

  42. Aparna,
    Jai shree Krishna,
    I like your efforts in terms of this site, so that many people can know and understand our Hinduism and our Original Culture. But I request you to develop this site’s content in Hindi also which is out national language so that it really makes the difference and yes you will also feel the difference. I am requesting to you because when I read any Mantra in Sanskrit, I really feel our culture and proud on that. So reading all these history about our Santa and reading granth in Hindi would feel us wonderful difference rather in English.
    Kindly think about that.

  43. Hi

    The link for Sundakanda of Ms. Rama Rao Garu telugu Script is not available. can you please email the file to me at my above address. You help is greatly appreciated.


  44. Hi Aparna garu,
    Can I get Aadtya Hridayam in telugu script!
    If its already there in this site, can you please provide me the link.
    Awaiting your reply


  45. And I got really an excellent book about Sri Hanuman from RamaKrishna Math printing house.
    Its a very little (our palm) sized book but the matter is, I am sure we cant get even we read 100s of writings from people like Shiv Khera.

    So I want that book to be published in soft copy form so that the entire globe can read n get the knowledge.

    Please let me know any solution for that posting

  46. Hari Om

    I humbly request some information on where I can get Valmiki Ramayanam Sundarakandam in English script (Roman). I have already visited & their version is excellent but has the meaning in it which makes the whole document too large to print out & carry around for daily parayanam. Please advice me of any other source where I can get this. Grateful paranams


  47. Hey Ram,
    it seems theres lots of fuss with MS RAMA RAO Trust….for keeping it online…
    i cannot find the link but if if you send an email to me..
    i’ll forward it to you…


  48. Hi every body of Saranaagathi, I am shiva and am new to this, this is very good website and useful also….
    thank you very much to all for keeping this website.
    i want rudram in telugu language and astrothra sathanamams of all Gods…………… please help me….
    Thanks once again…………


  49. Om Namoh Venkateshaya..!!!

    Hello i couldnt get the lyrics of Sundarakanda by MSRamarao garu which he sung in telugu. Can u please let me know where would i get it. I would be very thankful to u if u do this. Please…

  50. There is an audio of the Govinda Damodara Stotra at under the album: “Krishna Prarthana” in the section of Hindi devotional songs.

  51. Hi,
    First i want to thank for creating this gr8 site for all spiritual people who believe in hindu darma.

    I want “Sundarakandam in Telugu by M S Rama Rao Garu”. I really serching the sites to download this.

    please any body help me out.

    this is my mail id: ”

    Thanks for your cooperation in advance!!!

    Sri anjaneyam

  52. Hi dear all,

    I have been searching for sundarakanda audio download version. Please can anybody send me the links to download audio of sundarakanda by M.S. Rama Rao garu or any other links.

    Please if anyone could forward me the links of sundarakanda audio download forward me at

  53. Hi dear all,

    I have been searching for sundarakanda Telugu audio download version. Please can anybody send me the links to download audio of sundarakanda by M.S. Rama Rao garu or any other links.

    Please if anyone could forward me the links of sundarakanda Telugu audio download forward me at

    Please anybody help me out.

    thank you

  54. namaste guruji,
    i want to download the vishnu sahasra namavali starting with om sri viswasmay namah, om sri visshnavey namah and so on in the AUDIO FORMAT to do the daily archana and pooja. please help me.

  55. Om Namo Bhagavate Sivanandaya.
    I want the tulsi doha:
    Tulsi pakshi ke piye Ghatena sarita neer,
    Dharam kie dhan na ghate yo sahay Raghubir.

    I want the above doha in corected form and its meaning in English shortly.

  56. I have been trying for ages to get the thelugu lyrics for the Hanuman Chalisa sung by Sri M.S.RamaRao…I have the audio but I would like the written lyrics so that I can learn it.

  57. The website gives a lot of help to a seeker. I would like to get an explanation of Sri Shankaracharya’s “ATMASHATAKAM”

  58. Dear Sir/Madam,

    Can you please provide me with M.S.RamaRao gari Sunderakaanda lyrics in telugu.

    Sri Laxmi

  59. Dear Sir, will have collections of Annamayya Kirtanas and Tyagaraja Kritis. The Tyagaraja Kritis I have uploaded here on my site are part of that.


  60. I would like to have 15th chapter of Sundara kanda in MP3 format and lyrics i.e. wordings either in sanskrit /hindi/telugu and audio , please help me . Kindly send it to my mail id


  61. sir it was good to devotional website , can u help me to get the lord rama pictures of the ramayana story

  62. Aparnahari Garu,
    I am not able to download “Ramanusthanam” by Guntur Ramanama kshetram publication. It isgiving me download error. Can you kindly send to my mail ID,the soft copy

  63. om shiva sri.
    i didn’t find simple telugu/english format of vishinu sahastranamavali ,if any one have that format please send to my mail “”.

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  68. Please email me the book Life of Hanumanji. I am not able to download it. Very very grateful for the same

  69. I could not find the LIfe Story of Hanumanji – appreciate if can please provide the link or at least advise what is the cost and remittance details of the book or PDF copy to send the payment. Thank you.

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