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Your personal Stillness Buddy :)

Dear All,


I came across a good Software tool called “Stillness Buddy” when I was perusing a Yogananda Spiritual E-NewsLetter . It is actually a mindfulness application which helps people to be more aware, work in a mindful manner, be at peace and reduce stress levels.This is especially helpful for people who spend most of their time working at the computers. It consists of small relaxing and meditative techniques that help you to regain balance at periodic times (which can be fully customized). Inspirational quotes and spiritual wisdom also pop-up on the computer screen at regular times giving you an opportunity to take a break from your work.

Currently there are 10 versions of Stillness Buddy that you can choose from and these differ based on whether the focus is on Mindful awareness to reduce stress, or spiritual gems of wisdom compiled from Dalai Lama or others, or relaxation etc.

On their website , they state the following about the Stillness Buddy application:

Stillness Buddy is particularly helpful for people who…

  • Feel tense and stressed
  • Work for too long without taking a break
  • Wish to become more mindful of the present moment

The purpose of Stillness Buddy is for you to be more in touch with the peace, joy and aliveness within -even in the midst of a very busy day-, by taking very short but regular pauses.”

The following video which was upload on their website is quite interesting and you should watch to know what the intent of the Stillness Buddy is:

I have downloaded the 14-day trial version on my laptop, customized it, used it and liked it. I think this is a worthy tool to help us improve our meditation, relaxation and concentration. I am planning to purchase a license for my personal use. It is around 22 ($) US Dollars.

You can obtain more details at Stillness Buddy website.
I think you will like the tool and make good use of it.

In Service of the Lord & Gurudev,
Aparna Hari