Vishnu Sahasra Namavali

The Thousand Divine Names of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu, with their meanings in English

Download PDF Text of Vishnu Sahasra Namavali here
Listen and Download the Audio of Vishnu Sahasra Namavali here

Sri Vishnu Sahasra Nama is a collection of one thousand names of Lord Maha Vishnu. It is recited both as a Stotra as well as a Namavali. It appears in the Santi Parva of Mahabharata as a conversation between Grandsire Bhishma and Yudhistira.

The context of the conversation is as follows: King Yudhistira approached grandsire Bhishma who was spending the final days of his stay on earth, with an intention to learn from him the secrets of Dharma for Bhishma was one of the 8 individuals considered to be the true knowers of Dharma.

After questioning and learning a number of other things, Yudhistira questions Bhishma thus: “What Dharma is the most superior among all Dharmas, in your opinion? By adoring whom does a living being get liberated from the samsara of birth and death?”

In reply to this Bhishma says, “Constantly worshipping and doing devotional service to Lord MahaVishnu is the greatest Dharma in my opinion”. He then explains the omnipotence of the Lord and recites His one thousand names.


8Divine Names of Sri MahaVishnu 1-200



68 thoughts on “Vishnu Sahasra Namavali”

    1. swamy please send me audio or mp3 of vishnu sahasranamavali so that i can learn and hear it daily please swamy ji

  1. Dear Guruji.

    Kinldy send me the Kannada script of Vishnu Sahasra Nama for practicing and chanting on regularly.

  2. Rev. Guru jee,

    Kindly enlighten me on the Sree vishnu sahansarnaama. and send me audio version of it so that i can listen it in office while on the table. I shall be gratefull to you.

    with regards and sastang pranam.

    yours in the lord service

  3. Pujya Mahabhaga,

    Salutations and adorations.

    Please send me Shri Vishnu Sahasranam Audio.

    With Hearty Pranam,


  4. Respected Guruji,

    I am from Dharwad Karnataka, Please send me Knnannda script of Vishnu Shasrsa Nam for practicing and chanting daily. and also audio so that i can downlod and listen at home

    Thank you sir,
    Yours sincerely,

  5. Please inform me whether western christians would be correct in seeing Yahweh/Jehovah as synonymous with Sri Vishnu/Hari Krishna.

    1. Yes, Sri Krishna and Jehovah are the same.America is his land and he is back already to repair.They call it second coming of Jesus.They are all same.

    2. No, not quite the same. Every religion/ culture is unique. You can’t put it all on a big lump and make khichari of it.

  6. om sai ram,

    Please help me to have the 1000 namavli (names) of lord shiva as you have of vishnu sahasranama ,for chanting on monday as i fast on that day.

    yours faithfully.


  7. Dear Subrata Mohapatra,

    You can find an .mp3 (Recital of Sri Maha Vishnu Sahasra Nama Stotra – by M S Subbulaxmi) at:

    [audio src="" /]

    An audio class (slow & steady recital – best suited for those learning the Stotra) is available at:

    [audio src="" /]

    – Sarath.

  8. Hello what is the diffrence and the similarty in Vishnu Sahasranaama strotam and namawali

    1. The sahasranama stotra is the names in verse vorm and the sahasranamavali is the names separated beginning with AUM and ending in namah.

      1. respected guruji,
        kindly send me “sri vishnu sahasranama” i.e. only the 1008 names starting with “om” and ending with “namah” in audio format to enable me to do the daily chanting and pooja.
        with pranams

  9. Sri Ramajayam

    Please send me MP3 format and lyrics (malayalam) of Sri Vishnu Sahasranamavali.

    Yours faithfully,

  10. ERROR in Vishnu Namavali – Please correct

    Dear Sir,

    I have downloaded “Vishnu Sahasra Namavali”. I can see there is ERRORs in few places as below:

    -663 & 664 are same name.
    -694 is same as 693- 694 should be “Om Suvarnvarnay Namah:”

    Rest looks fine & excellent. I’m very gratefull to your activities & providing this online & free to download.

    Thanks & rgds,


    1. Respected Swamiji

      Please send me by e-mail the tamil version of “Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namavali”


      T M V Chari

  11. guruji, i want to download vishnu sahastranamam-dhynam and strotram by m s subbulaxmi in mp3 format

  12. respected guruji, i want the vishnu sahasranamavali starting with “om viswasmai namah, om vishavey namah, ” etc., in mp3 audio format only to do daily pooja and offer thulasi.

  13. Dear Guruji,

    Kindly send me Vishnu Sahsranamavali in both Audio and Scripts in Malayalam.


  14. Hello
    kindly send me “sri vishnu sahasranama” i.e. only the 1008 names starting with “om” and ending with “namah” in audio format to enable me to do the daily chanting and pooja. & Gujarati PDF/Document
    with pranams

  15. i want an audio which starts from om and ends with namah..all the 1008 names..please help me finding it..i cant find it..

  16. Namaste,
    I’m looking for Shree Vishnu Sahastranaam Stotra In Sanskrit, a text soft copy, and audio file. But failed.
    Kindly Guide.


  17. Respected sir,
    please send two book “nirnay sindhu” , ” dharm sindhu” on my email address ‘ ‘ or tell me from where i can get these books..
    Waiting in your quick reply

  18. Respected sir,
    i need vishnu sahasranamam in english font in pdf format for daily chanting…please do the needful…

  19. Thank u Very much. I was in need of Sahastra namavali with adio. With kripa pf Lord Maha vishnu, The supreme powe I Got it,

  20. Respected Swamiji

    Please send me by e-mail the Hindi/Sanskrit version of “Sri Vishnu Sahasra Namavali” – audio CD and book.



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